Renting a private safe deposit box

Safe deposit boxes in different sizes
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A privately owned safe deposit box facility will offer you security and protection for your documents, valuables and other precious or irreplaceable items. As you would expect, this level of safeguarding is way beyond what most homeowners would be able to afford via a home safe or something similar. Furthermore, a bank-independent safe deposit box service run by a secure storage specialist such as Swiss Gold Safe can offer a blend of professionalism, expertise, custodial monitoring and dedicated hardware even international bankers would struggle to match.

Unlike a safe in your private home, a safe deposit box stored within a secure Swiss Gold Safe vault will not be as vulnerable to criminal break-ins.  At Swiss Gold Safe, you can choose a safe deposit box of an optimal size and capacity to meet your storage needs. Once the arrangements are complete, you will have sole custody of the only two keys which will allow access to your safe deposit box.

Full title and ownership

All valuables stored in your own private safe deposit box remain your property at all times. Whilst this may seem obvious to some prospective clients, those who store precious metals in the form of bullion bars or coins must always take special care in this particular respect. Maintaining full-title ownership can be an important issue, and you should be aware this is not always the practice followed with some alternative storage arrangements.

Offshore asset strategies

Clients from abroad seeking offshore safe-haven facilities in Switzerland will find safe deposit box rental a convenient option with many advantages. Most importantly, there is no requirement to open or maintain a Swiss bank account. Moreover, Swiss Gold Safe can provide a storage service to support an offshore asset-protection strategy which is second to none in terms of its blend of robust security, exceptional efficiency and absolute discretion.

Those wishing to use Swiss Gold Safe’s premium storage and custodial facilities from afar can also choose to do so by delegating authority to a trusted third party prepared to act on their behalf. In addition, arrangements can be made to lodge keys with a recommended lawyer or notary in the vicinity to streamline access and liaise with on-site custodial staff as required.

Comprehensive storage solution

A safe deposit box offers a secure repository for a broad range of jewellery and other valuables, important business and personal papers, digital media and cryptocurrency, precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) and the like. The contents of all safe deposit boxes are automatically covered by insurance with a limit of indemnity of CHF 25,000. Should a higher level of indemnity be required, this can be arranged at a cost of 0.2% per annum on the total sum insured, with cover for any stored cash charged separately at 0.3% per annum based on the cash sum insured.

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Safe deposit boxes are ideal for storing precious metal bars
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All safe deposit box insurance cover is arranged via a leading Swiss insurer with an international reputation. The standard insurance contract requires no disclosure of any client’s personal data. Furthermore, there is also no requirement to submit an inventory to the insurer or make any declaration concerning the nature of the contents to be insured.

Switzerland’s legislators accept that bank-independent professional storage of assets and valuables involves no direct financial services. So, unlike the safe deposit box facilities offered by finance brokers or banking institutions, Swiss Gold Safe clients will not be subject to the same intrusive level of disclosure which is now commonplace across the banking and financial world. Instead, your privacy is guaranteed, your needs will be handled with the utmost discretion, and your assets will be protected by state-of-the-art security measures.

Secure yet accessible

Safe deposit boxes are stored in Swiss Gold Safe’s privately run high-security vault in Altdorf in the mountainous region of Gotthard in the Canton of Uri, Switzerland. Safely sited in an ultra-secure location away from major cities and urban centres, the Gotthard vault nevertheless remains easy to reach via both private and public transport. For instance, the car journey from Zurich to Altdorf takes little more than 1 hour and 15 minutes.

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